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Our History

The site of the 21st Amendment was originally designed in 1899 as Boston's most luxurious hotel complete with electricity, running water, a roof garden and the city's first "passenger lift". It's elegant furnishings and amenities attracted Boston's most famous guests and visitors such as Louisa May Alcott, Alexander Graham Bell and Charles Lindbergh. Originally the 21st Amendment, or as it was known then as the famous men-only Bellevue Pub, and later, the Golden Dome Pub, was a hangout for some of the state's most colorful figures. A good part of the Commonwealth's business was transacted in the Bellevue's dark corners and John F. Kennedy was even rumored to write speeches by the fireplace in the back.

While our name and appearance may have changed, our welcoming spirit remains. We look forward to spending time with you soon at the 21st as we add new chapters to our already fabled history.

John Kerry's Favorite Burger - "The 21st Burger" - Boston Magazine